“Ivanchev Engineering” works in the field of design of building structures for buildings and facilities. The company is successor of “MMM – building structures” Ltd. and S.P.” Michel – building structures” – companies with established reputation and long years of experience.

The professionals at “Ivanchev Engineering” are both skilled specialists with 40-years of experience and young, ancestral engineers with creative and innovative thinking. In order to ensure the quality and the reliable performance of the boldest ideas, the company is in close partnership with established builders and representatives of the academic field.

Knowing both the best practices of the traditional building and the newest and most modern methods and technologies, we design structures which will meet not only the contemporary requirements but the requirements of the future generations as well.

Some of the most prominent buildings in Bulgaria have been designed by our engineers:

NPC – National Palace of Culture in Sofia, American University in Blagoevgrad, Terminal 2 of Sofia Airport, the reconstruction of National stadium “Vasil Levski” in Sofia, Hilton hotel.