The price for the preparation of a project as per part “Constructions” depends mostly on the size of the construction, complexity and repeatability of construction elements.

Each project is individual and specific offer is prepared to each project.

Here you can see our indicative prices, excl. VAT.

up to 500 sq.m. – 8 BGN/sq.m.
for 500 sq.m. ÷ 2,000 sq.m. – 8÷6 BGN/sq.m.
for 2,000 sq.m. ÷ 10,000 sq.m. – 6÷5 BGN/sq.m.
for 10,000 sq.m. ÷ 30,000 sq.m. – 5÷4 BGN/sq.m.
for 30,000 sq.m. ÷ 60,000 sq.m. – 4÷3 BGN/sq.m.
above 60,000 sq.m. – as per agreement

The prices for consultancy, provision of reports, expert reports, analysis and construction statements depends on the volume and complexity of the task, but usually are within the range between 100 BGN to 500 BGN, excl. VAT.

In order to get a specific offer for your project, you can send an inquiry or to contact us at the provided contact details.

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