The Orthodox Church “St. Tsar Boris-Michael the Baptist” in Razgrad was built according to an approved construction project, prepared free of charge by the designers of “Ivanchev Engineering” EOOD.

The building is an Orthodox church with dimensions in plan of 16.80 m by 11.40 m, with a height at the central dome of 13.80 m. The church has two bell towers with dimensions of 2.95 m by 2.95 m in plan and 16 m high.

The supporting structure is a skeletal-beam with reinforced concrete washers. The dome is reinforced concrete with a diameter of 5.40 m and a thickness of 15 cm and is carried by a reinforced concrete ring, which is part of another dome with a radius of 3.08 m, stepping on four reinforced concrete arches. The main levels of the tiles are at elevation +2.075, with a slab thickness of 12 cm and at an elevation of + 4.14, with a floor structure thickness of 14 cm.

In seismic terms the building is provided for VII degree of earthquake, with seismic coefficient Kc = 0.10, response coefficient R = 0.33, significance coefficient C = 1.5 and soil group D.